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posted Mar 7, 2014, 7:16 PM by Massage Eden & Spa   [ updated Mar 7, 2014, 7:16 PM ]

Janelle G.
Henderson, NV

So I was a little upset about this place, but after my massage I gave them another star. So me and my GF were visiting from Vegas. We called this place to see if they were open and available to take us in. When we get there the receptionist said they didn't have anyone available and said that we should of made a reservation. BUT she never gave the option to or suggested it. So we get there expecting to get a massage and she says that nobody would be available. So we walk out.

I walk back inside to see if they have another time or later time. She says Yea at 9:30 PM. Which was only an hour wait. but she didn't even give me that option either until I asked her. I was like WTH?! So I make the reservation for me, my gf and her mom. Around 8:55PM the receptionist calls me and says she has an opening for 3 at 9:10 PM. And I say GREAT! we will be there!

We get inside a room where they do 30mins of feet and head. OMG it was so relaxing and she got all my pressure points which is the best feeling.
She then took me to another room where she massaged my back with oils and got all my knots out. BEST massage ever. I came out feeling so relaxed.
I definitely suggest this place, just make sure you set a reservation. LOL